“I was a resident at Highfields back in 2011.  I had a rough stay to start, but once I started opening up and accepting staff’s help, I was in good shape.  Now I’m 20 years old and working on my Bachelor’s degree in Pediatrics, and a day doesn’t go by when I don’t thank Highfields for setting me on the right path.  You are a blessing, and big part of changing my life.” – Mike, Past Student, Highfields’ Residential Treatment Program


“What would I be doing if I wasn’t at Reaching Higher? Probably, I’d be home alone, bored and playing video games. Or I’d be out on the streets getting into trouble. I like Reaching Higher, there’s a lot of fun stuff to do like cooking and genealogy, plus we work on homework so my grades are better too.” – James, Gardner Middle School student, Reaching Higher Afterschool Program


“They helped us a lot. Our son, Joe, had bad anger and behavior problems at home and at school. We’d tiptoe around him so he wouldn’t get upset. They helped us figure out appropriate consequences and stick to them. Joe really liked the program too because they helped him learn how to handle his feelings better. He graduated from high school in June!” Kathy, Jackson parent, Multisystemic Therapy


“I love what I do…meeting with families in their homes and helping them solve their own problems with new skills. They do all the hard work and their relationships, behavior and communication are so much better for it. It’s great to see such a change in six months and help families stay together and feel good about each other.” – Becky, HF Counselor