Mindfulness in the Workplace



Employees today are more stressed than ever; often resulting in increased absenteeism, higher medical costs, burnout and even turnover. Companies large and small have been reaping the benefits of healthier, happier employees who’ve learned that training their mind can lead to greater focus and productivity, less stress, more creativity, improved communication and teamwork, increased job satisfaction and overall well-being.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

-series that last several weeks

Lunch & Learns

-Virtual Conferences
-Employee Wellness Days
-Corporate Culture Events
-Team-Building Activities

Introduction to Mindfulness

This 60 minute workshop introduces participants to the basics of mindfulness, science behind mindfulness along with the benefits.

Mindfulness to prevent Secondary Traumatic Stress for Helping Professionals

Those working in the helping professions experience a great deal of secondary traumatic stress (also referred to as vicarious trauma). This workshop reviews somatic and cognitive mindfulness tools that can be used to combat the impact of secondary traumatic stress.