Community Services

Highfields offers 12 community-based programs designed to meet people at their earliest point of need. Every person is different, which means their earliest point of need can be anywhere from before a child is born to dealing with adolescents to discovering problems within a marriage. We have programs designed for each unique family, including several evidence-based programs, proven to help a family overcome the obstacles which have held them back for so long.

Community services are centered on the consumer, focusing on each individual’s or family’s unique needs. Programs are offered at the times and locations most convenient for the client, whether that is in their home, place of business or another location. Programs are strength-based, goal-driven, focused on solutions and are customized to meet each consumer’s needs.

Autism Case Management

We assist families in navigating the range of services available to their children and developing a plan for success.

Behavioral Health Services

This service assesses the individual’s or family’s needs and helps to improve mental and interpersonal behavior health.

Family Maintenance

A home-based program designed to promote improved community based functioning for families and to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of out-of-home placements.

Families Preservation Program

It is a home-based counseling service through which a counselor comes to the family’s home for two-four hours each week, or more if needed.

Family Reunification Program

Assists children adjust back into their family home from foster care.

Families Together Building Solutions

Helps families create solutions to prevent out-of-home placement for the children.

Multisystemic Therapy

Is designed to help children ages 12-17 who are experiencing multiple problems. It is an evidence-based practice which communicates with the many systems in a child’s life.

Home Based

To assist an individual in successfully interacting within their community and to prevent need for hospitalization.


Is a program designed for families and children involved with Child Protective Services or Foster Care.

Parenting Education

Is an evidence-based program consisting of two components: a computer-based curriculum and in-home counseling. The curriculum provides parenting education for parents of children or teens, ages three-17.


Is a process which builds a support system for a family in need. It begins with a wraparound facilitator helping a family identify areas of strength and areas of need, the resources and people needed to support them and goals that will become a part of their Family Plan.

Youth and Family Alternatives to Violence

The goal of this program is to promote safety and minimize risk of further violence and to assist families in learn and practice healthy alternatives to violent exchanges.