Multisystemic Therapy

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is designed to help children ages 12-17 who are experiencing multiple problems. It is an evidence-based practice which communicates with the many systems in a child’s life. This can be parents, neighbors, friends, peers, teachers, religious leaders, etc. MST works with those systems to help the child begin to make better decisions. MST works primarily with the parents to teach parenting skills to help better the child’s life.

Services include:
• A complete functional assessment of youth in the context of their family, school, and community
• The formulation of the “fit” between the child’s problems and the factors which contribute to them
• Helping parents build supportive social networks
• Empowering parents to address the needs of the youth more effectively
• Emphasizing long-term change that families can maintain after the program

MST is available in Jackson, Hillsdale and Livingston counties. To be eligible for services, Jackson and Hillsdale county families must have Medicaid and meet criteria through LifeWays Community Mental Health. Livingston County families are referred through the Livingston County Juvenile Court. Learn more about MST at

Our counselors were AMAZING!!! I am very happy with the way they helped my family become a family again. They helped bring back communication to our family. It didn’t matter what I told them – I never felt like they judged me or my family. I will forever be grateful for them and helping get my family back! – MST Parent

Our counselor made us feel comfortable, came to our house in a crisis, helped us achieve our goals for our son and our family. – MST Parent

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