Reaching Higher

Reaching Higher helps to reinforce academics taught throughout the school day.Reaching Higher is our afterschool program offered in 5 area schools. Each program can serve up to 45 kids per day and focuses on at-risk students. Reaching Higher reinforces the academics students learn throughout the school day and helps to improve behavior in the classroom. Facilitators lead new, exciting activities for students to take part in and offer homework help. Students in Reaching Higher improve their social skills, develop their interests and earn better grades in school. Reaching Higher is funded through a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant.

Reaching Higher is available in DaVinci Secondary School, Hunt Elementary School, Springport Middle School, East Jackson Middle School, and Townsend Elementary in Vandercook Lake Schools.

“My child is doing really well in school. She got all A’s and is staying out of trouble and Reaching Higher has helped her achieve that.” – Reaching Higher Parent

“It has given my children a safe and happy place to grow and learn whether it be academically or socially.” – Reaching Higher Parent