Home-based counseling is designed for children and their family members aged 4-17 who are coping with a mental health disorder. The goal is to help the individual successfully interact within his or her community and to prevent need for hospitalization. It takes place in the family home for two-four hours a week as needed. Counselors are available 24/7 for crisis situations.

Home-based 0-3 counseling is available for families of children 0-47 months who face challenges related to parent-child relationships, trauma, developmental concerns, parenting skills, mental health, and other obstacles. Click here to read more.

Home-Based Counseling is available in Jackson and Hillsdale counties. All families are referred to Highfields through LifeWays Community Mental Health.

She was very honest and caring. We are hoping to get more teachers like her in the future for the boys. – Home-based Parent

They helped address all of the twists and turns of my family. I enjoyed coming up with solutions to daily problems. It was eye opening. – Home-based Parent

They were as concerned as we were. – Home-based Parent

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