Separated Families Reconnect at Highfields

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Thanks to a grant from Jackson National Life, we were able to host three Family Treatment Weekends this summer. On the last Family Treatment Weekend of the year, five families came to campus. Some of families had been apart for a while, so it was a great opportunity for them to reconnect and make memories together.

   When Kim got a call from Highfields’ counselor Gary Turner she thought her son David was in trouble again.

   “I was relieved when I found out the call was about coming to Family Treatment Weekend,” said Kim, with a laugh. “I was so excited to spend time with David!”

   David has been in and out of residential placements for the past few months so they haven’t been able to spend time together as a family.

   “This is actually the first time since March that I’ve gotten to spend time with both my kids at the same time,” said Kim.

   Over the weekend Kim, David, and his sister Makaila ate meals together, participated in therapy sessions, watched a movie, went fishing, and had serious conversations about the future.

   “We are trying to help David stay in the right mindset that he has at Highfields,” said Kim. “We’re encouraging him to do well in school, get a job and stay on the right track. Thankfully, we’re learning the tools to do that.”

   Romello’s mom Kathy was expecting to have some fun at Highfields with her children. She admits that she doesn’t spend as much time with them as she’d like to.

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   “Life is too busy,” said Kathy. “It’s hard to find time to spend together at home.”

   Kathy, Romello, and his brother DJ bonded together playing sports in the gym, playing video games, and even riding the zip line!

   “Seeing my family today makes me really happy,” said Romello. “It makes me want to do better for them.”

   Throughout the weekend Highfields’ staff helps families work on their relationships. They give parents the tools to support their child after they leave Highfields.

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   “This Family Treatment Weekend is perfect for us,” said Kim. “We can spend more than a few hours on the phone together, and it gives us time to prepare for when David comes back home.”


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