Summer Enrichment

This summer, thanks to the R.E. Olds Foundation’s “Summer Enrichment Program” Grant, Highfields’ Residential students are experiencing new things for the first time.  Students are typically at-risk youth, and they have found themselves at Highfields to receive treatment to turn their lives around.  Our goal at Highfields is to make sure students can experience and try new things.

The grant offered the students a chance to explore new places across Michigan, and try new, enriching activities. They went to a Detroit Tigers game, , the Henry Ford Museum, the Detroit Zoo, and they’ve been taking nutrition classes which provided them with essential life skills and healthier eating habits. “I enjoy doing these things because I never had the chance to before,” said Javid, Residential student.

Residential Director, Tyler Jones, is thankful for the opportunity to provide our youth with new experiences. “Some youth will come from situations in which they live too far or can’t financially afford to attend these events,” said Tyler. “It’s really cool being able to see their minds expand with having experiences outside of their community and comfort zone.”

Highfields is proud to have a strong donor support system, and we’re thankful for the R.E. Olds Foundation. This grant was more than financial support, it was an investment in these student’s futures.

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