A Family Once Again

Jamie never wants to go through the experience of losing her children again. Thanks to your support, Highfields’ program has taught her how to keep her family together, healthy, and happy.    When Jamie lost the rights to her children four years ago, she was devastated. She was in an abusive relationship at the time,

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One Day at a Time

When Jessica lost the rights to her children, she knew she had to make some big changes in her life, including ending an abusive relationship. Thanks to your support of Highfields, Jessica is now putting herself and her children first.    Jessica’s future is looking bright. She enjoys spending time with her six children, has

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Board Profile: Jeff Klug

   Growing up, Jeff Klug always knew he wanted to be a lawyer.  He felt this was one way that  he could help people and business in the community.    In 2008, that’s what he did – he became an associate at Klug Law Firm, where he helps people and their businesses with legal problems. 

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