The MST Duo

Mutisystemic Therapy (MST) is a family and community-based treatment program designed to help at-risk youth make better decisions.

After 30 years in the food and beverage industry, Ron Jackson decided he needed a new challenge. He attended night classes to continue his education, and became one of the first therapists to be hired for Highfields’ Multisystemic Therapy program 13 years ago.

“I always knew I was meant to do something more,” said Ron. “Life is all about making a change, whether big or small.”

When his daughter, Kellie, called him explaining her struggles of the social work industry in Chicago, he told her about Highfields’ MST program, and she quickly found her passion for the program just like her father. She felt like she could really make an impact with smaller groups of people.

“I liked working with youth, but my interaction was limited,” said Kellie. “MST gave me the chance to do more to help find a solution to their problems.”

Ron knew Kellie would be a great fit for Highfields. The MST program is meant for therapists who are sharp and aggressive in changing peoples’ lives. He knew with her intellectual and philosophical approach, she would fit right in.

“It blows me away with everything Kellie knows,” said Ron. “We share techniques and find new ways of looking at life whenever we need a little extra help.”

By working in the same program, Kellie sees Ron’s excitement for helping families. They both enjoy the challenge of helping youth and families work through personal struggles. Their focus is always on therapeutic skills, like social ecology and cognitive behavior, which forces them to grow with each situation and utilize every technique they can.

“My dad’s passion for Highfields’ MST program never waivers,” said Kellie. “He’s an inspirational reminder to always keep moving forward.”

Ron and Kellie believe in living the Highfields’ mission every day. They strive to be role models for families struggling, prepare for anything that comes their way, and grow as therapists.

“I am proud to work for Highfields,” said Kellie.

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