The Right Way

At Highfields’ Residential Treatment Program, Marshaun is learning how to break his bad habits and get his life back on track.

   Growing up, Marshaun never thought about the consequences of his actions.

   “I started committing crimes when I was 11 years old,” said Marshaun. “I wanted money and that was the only way I knew how to get it.”

   Because of his poor decisions, he became involved in the court system, and was placed at Highfields’ Residential Treatment Program.

   When Marshaun started the program, the staff learned about his behavior, and developed an individualized treatment plan to help steer him on the right path.

   “Marshaun had trouble with impulse control,” said Chris Jurasek, Manager of Clinical Services at Highfields. “His mindset was that he needed money fast and easy, and he wasn’t thinking about the consequences.”

   The staff recommended support groups to help Marshaun develop better habits. He participated in groups called Mutual Support and Anger Management to learn life skills like patience, mindfulness, and communication.

   Over the course of a few months, Marshaun has worked hard to turn his life around. He has focused on school and become a leader for the other students. He joined the basketball team and the hip hop therapy group to relieve stress. He also works on campus and is earning money…the right way.

   “I’m excited to return home and find a job,” he said. “I’ve never had a real job before.”

   Marshaun is putting in the effort to finish strong. He is ready to see his family again and start making better choices.

   “Highfields has taught me to be more mindful of my decisions,” he said.

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