A Sleepover to Remember!

Highfields’ Reaching Higher After-School Program has been given the challenge of the year as teachers and students continue to adjust to online learning. Last month, teachers from Attwood Elementary went above and beyond in their dedication to helping students in creative ways by hosting a virtual sleepover!

“I’m so happy that all the kids were able to connect like this,” said a Reaching Higher parent. “Some kids don’t have sleepovers – even before the pandemic- so I’m happy they could experience it.”

Prior to the event, teachers gave students packages with the ingredients for a perfect virtual sleepover. They received a bag with a paper plate, small bag of chips and cheese for nachos, cucumber slices, fabric markers, a pillow case, sleep mask, and popcorn!

The sleepover took place on Zoom and kids were encouraged to create and show off their fabulous blanket forts, where they spent the evening. They meditated with cucumber slices over their eyes, decorated pillowcases and sleep masks, and even enjoyed a fun game called Escape the Fairytale! Kids were taken on an exciting adventure with the Magical Book Fairy, who needed their help to collect stories from the enchanted forest, including Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Their goal was to escape each fairytale challenge and get to the portal home.

Just like a regular sleepover, the party doesn’t end when the games are over. The kids made their popcorn and watched a show on Netflix.

“Students loved the sleepover!” said Diane, Reaching Higher Teacher. “The kids enjoyed getting together with their Reaching Higher family, and already can’t wait for the next one.”

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