Board Member Pursues Passion to Help Families in the Community

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   Nick Oertel wears a lot of hats these days. He is a family man and father of two, a lawyer at Foster Swift, an avid outdoorsman, and a proud member of Highfields’ board of directors.

   Nick brings a lot to the table when it comes to serving on the board. As a new father, he empathizes with the mission of helping children, youth and families build stronger relationships. He’s a local native of Lansing, an MSU alumnus, and is passionate about serving the very community where he grew up.

   “I truly believe in the counseling services that Highfields provides because I believe in second chances,” said Nick.  “It’s important to give individuals the opportunity to develop and get their lives on the right track. Without Highfields, the lives of those people suffer, and our communities suffer.”

   Building strong communities is something that Nick feels strongly about. In his work, he is able to help members of the community every day, but he knows that Highfields does a lot of work that may go unnoticed.

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   “It’s an organization that works ‘behind the scenes,’” said Nick. “It is still very valuable with the counseling it provides to individuals who are struggling with mental or behavioral issues,” said Nick.

   He said that serving on the board has given him more insight into the work that the counselors do on a daily basis. Like him, they are serving community members but in a different way. They are providing families with the tools to change lives.

   “The counselors help get people on the right track by giving them the skills, counseling, support and encouragement to make a meaningful change in their life,” said Nick. “I think that’s unparalleled. It’s straightforward, but meaningful and powerful.”

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   Nick said that when he was asked to join the board 4 years ago it was a “no brainer.” In his time on the board he’s been able to not only pursue his passions, but also learn more about the community he grew up in. He plans to continue supporting Highfields even after his time on the board is complete.

   “I’ve always thought of Highfields as a pillar in the community,” said Nick. “I hope Highfields continues to reach out and help more people,” said Nick. “Frankly, they do it very well.”

Highfields congratulates Nick Oertel for being a recipient of Ingham County Bar Association’s 2016 Top 5 Under 35! Nick, we’re proud to have you serve on the board!

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