Bravery Beyond Compare


On October 7th the Highfields family came together at the Kellogg Center to celebrate and give towards the brightening of our communities futures. Guests listened with tears in their eyes and hope in their hearts as two very different but equally beautiful success stories were shared.


Eva and her two young sons, Ricky and Joseph, took the stage first with their amazing Highfields’ counselor, Nichole Way, to guide the conversation. The bravery the family displayed impressed the room as they spoke of the hardships and triumphs the family has faced throughout their Highfields journey. The family began services with an open Child Protective Services (CPS) case and one of the boys in a juvenile home. When Nichole went to the family’s home, Eva wanted help to manage her and her children’s emotions, strengthen family bonds and address her specific needs.


Eva shared: “Life before Highfields was hectic, there was no bond between family members.”  She struggled with being a single mom with no child care options available to her. Doing the best she could in the situation, the kids were at home with a phone when Eva was at work. As time progressed, Eva found that there was more yelling instead of talking, the kids were getting into more fights and one altercation led to a kitchen utensil being used that resulted in harm.


Flash forward 6 months of working with Highfields: Eva can go to work without the kids having problems, their school attendance and grades have improved, the family bills have been paid, and car problems have been repaired – thanks to Highfields’ donors. The eldest son successfully completed his probation a month ago, and their  CPS case has been officially closed. All because of the support of Highfields.


The second speaker to share her story was Susan. One of the first sentences out of her mouth was: “it truly takes a village to raise our children.” The village in front of her all smiled and shared knowing looks; because what she said hit the nail right on the head! Her son Lucas and family has been with Highfields for 18 months. Susan shared that her life changed at 43 years of age. Susan adopted her grandson Lucas and began the journey of being a mother to someone who did not want to open up and discuss their feelings. She was referred to Highfields for support. She said, “From the onset I received nothing but voices with smiles on them. They sincerely gave ear to understanding my child’s needs and matching programs to his needs.”  Being in the in home setting made it easier to bring about Lucas’ true behavior and allowed for a more genuine therapeutic experience.


“Having Highfields on your side means that you have a dedicated team to support your family…they are an invisible tool belt. With Highfields, you are not alone, you are a part of a village that supports, gives, loves, and celebrates your successes,” she said.


Thank you to our supporters, donors, employees and families who were a part of our annual Strengthening Families Breakfast. You are changing lives!

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