Mindfulness for the Community

Becky Womboldt, Highfields’ Mindfulness and Meditation Coordinator, has created a Mindfulness and Meditation Program that fits the needs of people and organizations in the community. She is a Licensed Master’s Level Social Worker, and has been practicing mindfulness since 2018. Her customized programs fit the needs of schools, workplaces, individuals, and more.

Mindfulness in schools offers professional development for teachers, and mindfulness practice for student’s kindergarten through 12th grade. Becky developed a mindfulness curriculum for Wilkshire Early Childhood Center in Haslett.

“My teachers were appreciative of the ‘hands on’ style of Becky’s presentation,” said Jewell Muller-Gornick, School Counselor, Wilkshire Early Childhood Center, Haslett Public Schools. “She shares important information about how to provide self care for yourself and your students in small bite sized chunks that actually feel doable and make a difference!”

With Mindfulness in the workplace, Becky offers “Lunch and Learn” informational sessions, introduction to mindfulness programs, and mindfulness to prevent secondary traumatic stress for helping professionals.

As individuals, it can be hard to regulate the stress of daily life.

“In today’s world, employees are stressed more than ever,” said Becky. “Work-life balance is limited, resulting in burnout, sickness and call-offs. I want people to know that they could change that with something as easy as taking a moment to breathe.”

Through various techniques, this program encourages individuals to be present in their own lives. Becky provides a custom package for individuals to practice with a guide or solo to learn how to balance emotions, and decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

Highfields’ Mindfulness and Meditation Program is available now to give organizations and individuals the knowledge and guidance to cultivate a healthier, happier life.

For more information on Highfields’ Mindfulness and Meditation Program, please visit: www.highfields.org/mindfulness. If you’re interested in services and would like to speak about a custom package for yourself, a school or place of work, please contact, Becky Womboldt at bwomboldt@highfields.org or (517) 262-0874.

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