Crystal sees positive changes in son Javon

“Reaching Higher has made a significant difference in my son’s life. Javon has become more social, active, and confident. 

Before Reaching Higher, Javon never really had friends. He was bullied at school and was becoming depressed. He would always decline coming on family trips and would just play video games instead. 

When he started attending Reaching Higher, that all changed! He comes home with a smile, grabs his bike, and meets up with his new friends. He is more active and enjoys going to the beach or playing in the yard. He began expanding his knowledge in robotics and academics and even physical sports that he usually shied away from. 

Reaching Higher inspires Javon to get up in the morning, especially if it’s field trip day!

I love Reaching Higher, and I couldn’t have asked for a better program for my once struggling child.”


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