Finding a Root Cause

“Before Highfields I noticed my 8 year old daughter was becoming violent and defiant for seemingly no reason,” said Taneekia, former Highfields’ Community Services Outpatient client. “One day in particular, she attacked her older brother and couldn’t explain why. That’s when I knew intervention of some kind was needed,” said Taneekia. Through multiple appointments with her daughter’s pediatrician and screenings through a local mental health agency, Taneekia and her daughter found their way to Highfields. 

During her first visit with Highfields’ counselor, Connor Jewel, Taneekia was adamant that she didn’t want her daughter placed on medication until all other options had been vetted.  “I wanted to get to the root of the issue,” she said. Connor told her that they would do whatever she was comfortable with, and that put Taneekia at ease.

Conner met with Taneekia and her family for a year during the pandemic. Throughout that time, the entire family developed a closer bond and strengthened their connection. “Connor was supportive and encouraging,” said Taneekia, with tears in her eyes.  “He told me that I was a great mom when no one else had ever said that. He was a great advocate for our family and supported our emotional growth as we helped our daughter open up about what was going on.  My children are my entire world. I love, adore and cherish them and I would give the shirt off my back if I thought that it would make their lives better, so I was so thankful to hear Connor say that he saw my efforts to protect my children. It meant a lot.”

Since their time with Highfields ended, Taneekia has noticed a change in her daughter’s everyday behaviors. Her daughter has developed coping strategies during her sessions with Connor to reduce negative behaviors, improve self control, increase her problem solving and decision making; and restore supportive relationships with her family. Taneekia is able to communicate with her daughter about her feelings during her outbursts and has seen a decrease in aggressive and defiant tendencies.

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