A Great Respect

Robert Easterly and his wife, Talitha, moved to the Lansing area from Pullman, Washington. He first became involved with Highfields when he attended the Strengthening Families Breakfast a few years ago. “At that point, I knew about Highfields and the services they provided, which is what I’m most passionate about,” he said. “I was happy to be involved.”

Robert began serving on the Highfields Board of Directors in 2019, at the time he was employed by Foster Swift. Now, Robert is currently the Chair-Elect for the Board of Directors. He is an Attorney at Grewal Law in Okemos. “I got a call from Brian Philson, and at the time I was going through a career change, so I thought the call would be about whether I could continue on the board,” he said. “I was honored and delighted to be asked to be Chair-Elect.”

Robert has been extremely impressed with the way that Highfields conducts themselves as an organization.

“I’ve always had a great respect for Highfields,” said Robert. “Having been on the board the last three years, it’s been a pleasure getting to know those involved. Every interaction has been excellent. I’m involved in a lot of community programs, and easily, this is the most organized, efficient, pleasant, and impactful organization that I’ve ever been involved in.”

Robert looks forward to the future of Highfields and he hopes that a challenge like Covid has helped prepare us for the unexpected. “There’s a reason that Highfields exists, and there’s a reason that the types of services that we provide exist,” he said. “It takes people who are seriously committed and passionate about those things to maintain and grow those programs. My hope is to see us shine and grow as an organization.”

Robert lives with his wife Dr. Talitha Easterly, and his two sons, Ezra (15) and Manny (13).

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