Following your Gut

Nineteen years ago, Nobel and Pam Schuler created a space for all people to participate in the joys of art. Thanks to this program, Highfields’ residential students not only created unique works of art, but enhanced team building skills.

“You never know what you’re going to get with art,” student Donald said.

Nobel had a vision to create a space for people to learn and grow together through art. During workshops, students build upon their teamwork and communication skills. Through each project, they express their own personalities and feelings as well as work consistently towards an end goal of finishing their collective art piece.

Students learn to be leaders, listen to each other, and communicate effectively. Most of all, each student learns that patience is the key, not only when it comes to art, but every day activities.

 “The best part of coming to Schuler Arts Studio is being in the country, away from the rest of the world,” explains student Tyler. “It’s a place to relax and find peace.”

Students brought their personal experiences to the table to create pieces of work that reflect specific parts of their life.

Pam Schuler shares, “My favorite part of the program is the way people create memories. We can learn a lot about each other when we have the chance to open up, and create an outlet for things going on in our lives.”

Students agreed the most important part of their trip to Schuler Arts is being able to ‘follow your gut’. Though Nobel was their guide along the color-filled journey, they  found a sense of freedom with their work. No matter how  they were feeling at the time, students  had the space, time and encouragement they needed to create meaningful works they could be proud of.

Thanks to the WB and Candace Thoman Foundation, students are able to attend art workshops at Schuler Arts Studio in Albion, Michigan and express themselves positively.

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