Dedication to W.A. and Claire Dart

On June 5, 2019, Highfields officially opened the Dart Family Treatment and Education Center which was made possible through a generous $600,000 legacy gift from the Dart Foundation in honor of W.A. and Claire Dart. W.A. and Claire’s longstanding commitment to Highfields has not only provided financial support, but built remarkable relationships with the community, since being established in 1984.

Claire Dart volunteered her time and knowledge in her passion for educating students and promoting a healthy well-being. As a positive role model for Highfields, Claire as well as her husband W.A. has continually proven that growth can be inspired in any form.

The Dart Family Treatment and Education Center allows families to stay in a comfortable space, while still maintaining a respectful and positive environment. Replacing the original cabins designed for families to stay, the Center now offers suite-like accommodations and open meeting spaces for families and groups to gather.

“I’ve been asked, why [build] a facility like this in the middle of Onondaga? The reality is, this gives us a state-of-the-art facility often only found in a large urban setting, and we put it here in a rural setting. You have 140 acres of wonderful scenery that families that can engage in conversations and treatment, and they can play together and stay right here… families love it and are really looking forward to it,” said Brian Philson, President and CEO of Highfields.

By treating the entire family in a positive environment, possibilities become endless.

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