“I see progress every time I see my son”

The first Family Treatment Weekend in the Dart Family Treatment and Education Center was a success! We had a record number of families visit the weekend of July 20-22. Parents like Angela, Charkia and Christina had amazing experiences with their families and can't wait to come back again!

“Thanks to Highfields, I see progress every time I see my son,” said Angela.

Family Treatment Weekends give parents the opportunity to learn about how to practice healthy boundaries, coping techniques and positive feedback when their child returns home. Parents find peace knowing that their sons are being taken care of as well as getting the education and treatment they need to be successful in life.

“Highfields has encouraged my son to let go of negativity and focus on his future,” said Charkia.

“I visit every chance I have to remind my son that I will always be here to support him,” Christina said.

In addition to parent education classes and family therapy sessions, students have a chance to have fun with their parents and siblings too!  Families play sports, games, zip line, watch movies and share meals together.

“I’m happy when my family comes to campus,” said student Donald. “They get to learn more about the skills I’m being taught and see the positive environment I’m in.”

Having families visit gives students a positive outlook on returning home. Their involvement shows their support for change and inspires their child to maintain the skills they’ve learned from their time at Highfields.

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