Exploring Pure Michigan

When it comes to summer vacation, the goal is to have as much fun as possible, right? For Highfields' residential students, that’s exactly what they did!

From the thrills of the tallest roller coaster at Michigan's Adventure, to the chill of the arctic waters where the penguins play, residential students had a busy summer.

“Being able to get away from campus gives me the freedom to breathe and relax,” said Gage.

Though students remain on campus, it’s important to remember they still need positive experiences outside of their usual environment.

“Even though they lost, it was fun going to the Detroit Tiger’s game,” Noah said. “I got a chance to enjoy the freedom.”

Many students haven’t had the opportunities to explore Michigan like the rest of us, so giving them the chance to visit places like the Henry Ford Museum, Michigan’s Adventure, Craig’s Cruisers and Detroit Zoo is the chance of a lifetime. They even went to a Detroit Tiger’s game!

“My favorite place to visit was Craig’s Cruisers. I got to jump in the trampoline park, play laser tag and just enjoy myself,” said Donald.

By giving students the chance to explore outside their surroundings, they are being given an opportunity to grow. Their experiences give them a new perspective while learning in a fun way.

“We got to go to Michigan’s Adventure, where we could swim and ride roller coasters,” said Noah. “The freedom they put in our hands made us feel good about the progress we’ve made since coming to Highfields.”

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