Journey into Adulthood

Jordan is learning life skills at Highfields to become an independent adult.

   At 17-years-old, Jordan is one of the oldest students in Highfields residential program. It shows, too. He is smart, articulate and mature.

   He is nearly finished with the program and ready to be on his own. Unlike other students, Jordan isn’t returning home. He is applying for an independent living program which helps youth learn to live independently as adults. His goal is to find an apartment and finish school.

   Jordan participates in Highfields’ Transitions Group, which helps students prepare to re-enter the community.

   “I understand how important it is to be more responsible when I leave,” said Jordan. “I learned how to fill out job applications, the difference between checking and savings accounts, and about emergency funds.”

   During this transition, Jordan uses mindfulness to relax. It’s a skill he learned at Highfields and practices almost daily. He says it seems silly sometimes, but it actually does help him relieve stress.

   “If you concentrate on areas in your body that are stressed, you can concentrate and let it go,” he said. “It worked for me and it is something I will continue to do on my own.”

   Jordan is grateful for all the opportunities he has at Highfields. He participates in rap therapy group and performed a rap at Highfields’ Strengthening Families Breakfast last fall. He plays on the basketball team, is a member of student council, and attends off-campus activities like Detroit Pistons games and shows at the Wharton Center.

   “I really enjoy the times I’m able to get out and have fun,” he said.

   Jordan’s mindset at Highfields is to learn as much as possible, complete the program successfully, and start a new life. He appreciates the staff that helps him achieve his goals.

   “What makes Highfields unique is the culture,” said Jordan. “They welcome you and make you feel comfortable opening up without pressure. Highfields helps students get to where they need to be.”

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