Lost Love Rap

“Lost Love”

Written and Performed by Timothy and Tyler


Timothy’s Verse:

I’ve been walking through the dark

I promise I don’t know where to go,

When I lost my dad I felt like I shattered every bone,

Every night I’m in this hell and I just feel so alone,

Like I’m trapped by the system and tied down by a rope,

I’ve sinned all my life; yes I’m far from a pope,

I pour my heart into this pencil, because it’s the only way to cope,

So if I tell you something ignorant,

please don’t look at me different,

I been broke all my life, I had to find a way to get it,

I was out on my own; me and little bro had to split it,

When I took it back home, mom asking where did I get it,

Dad I miss you so much remember me and you used to kick it,

You said “protect you little sisters”, I will never forget it,

Grandma I miss you, remember you saying “pick up your britches”,

I’m gonna think about y’all when I turn these rags into riches.

Tyler’s Verse:

Woke up one morning, felt that something was wrong,

call from sister said that momma was gone,

Never in my life have I felt so alone,

This place is just a house without her, it will never be home,

She made us happy, now branches snapping, the family tree is crashing,

Teeth gnashing, and arms lashing out, smashing the leaves to ashes,

The bare patches just stare back ‘atcha,

Rake them up, but the winds faster and scatters them before you can gather them,

She believed in my dream when nobody else could fathom it,

Told me I was something when everyone else tried to shatter it.

Taught me how to climb ladders and fight my own battles with

the words that I write. Ain’t just my momma she was my catalyst,

I don’t think I can handle this, without you I didn’t imagine this,

I create what I imagine, from knights and dragons to Bilbo Baggins,

the rings of Saturn,

The thing that matter aren’t with me no more, this thing is shattered,

I got open wounds, I’m like a caterpillar in this dang cocoon,

Don’t have my wings yet, but I know I’ll have them soon,

You’re up in heaven so I know you’ll have them too.

I don’t know how to do this, I don’t even know why,

But I’m gonna push on through it up until the day that I die,

And on that day I’ll keep on pushing right up to the sky,

and I’ll see you again look right into your eyes,

And I don’t doubt a single ounce that they will overflow with pride,

Once again mom, one more time I’ll have you by my side,

Pens are mightier than swords, so I keep mine close by,

I know that I can be wrong, that exactly why I write,

Cause words are a beacon that show the way through the night,

I refuse to use eraser, because mistakes are alright,

I think I need my inhaler; my chest is getting tight,

My mom’s heart was too big, that’s exactly why she died,

I’m a criminal so God cardiac arrested what was mine.


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