“I Believe in Highfields”

                Being a member of the Highfields’ Board of Directors is more than just attending meetings. For Erika Fussman, it is a completely new experience. As she begins her second term, she approaches her role with a sense of duty. 

                “It’s an honor to serve on the board,” said Erika. “But it doesn’t come without responsibility.”

                Before Erika joined the board in May of 2017, she knew very little about Highfields. It wasn’t until her boss, Jim Hunsanger, fulfilled his terms on Highfields’ board, that he encouraged her to join the mission in his place. Never serving on a board before now, Erika committed 100%, joining the cause after a very enthusiastic meeting with President and CEO, Brian Philson.

                She quickly found her place as Chair of the Fund Development Committee, where she became more involved with events and meetings, and developed her passion for helping the community.

                She took advantage of every opportunity she could, whether it was spending time with students in Highfields’ after school program, Reaching Higher, or meeting with residential students on campus. Erika listened to their incredible stories with an open heart, which drove her passion to keep spreading the word about Highfields.

                “Without Highfields, these children and families would have a low chance for success.” said Erika.

                 Erika is thankful to have the opportunity to be part of an organization like Highfields. She believes in the diverse programs and the powerful mission which reminds families that they are not alone. Her hopes are to encourage other organizations and corporations to collaborate with Highfields, extending the mission to everyone around the state.

                “I want communities to recognize the importance of Highfields as a whole, not only with specific programs and projects,” said Erika. “Raising awareness is about showing up for the challenges, educating people on the facts and empowering them to support.”

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