Parenting 101

You helped bring a family together!

A New Chapter

   After twelve years together, Brian and his husband, Raymond, decided to start a family. Neither of them had any experience raising kids, but it was a challenge they were ready to face.

   They began the process of obtaining a license to adopt or foster a child, and in 2014, they had their first placement, a 6-year-old boy named Quentin.    

Raising a Foster Child    

   Quentin was already receiving services from Highfields’ Wraparound program due to being in foster care and having a few academic and behavioral concerns. Wraparound Facilitator, Brandi Davis, began working with the family when Quentin came to live with them. 

   “Wraparound was a great experience,” said Brian. “Brandi was great at her job, and very knowledgeable. She helped us and gave us resources that we needed.”

   Brian and Raymond attended Parent Management Training, which helps parents and caregivers manage the behavior of their child.

Forever Family                                                   

   Brian and Raymond finalized their adoption of Quentin in 2016. They decided to expand their family more, and 9-year-old Timothy was placed with them. They requested Brandi for the adoption process.

   “She was great at assessing everyone’s needs and keeping us organized,” said Brian. “Without her, we would have been lost.”

   Now Brian and Raymond have adopted Timothy into their family, and successfully closed their Wraparound case. Although they will miss Brandi, they are ready to continue on the journey of parenthood.

   “We have learned a lot about how to become better parents and about understanding the needs of children who are in placement,” said Brian.

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