Part of Something Bigger

Community resources can be difficult to find without a little help. Highfields’ counselor, Sherronia Walker knew this all too well from growing up in Detroit with 11 brothers and sisters.

During childhood, Sherronia always took care of her siblings. She recognized that people don’t always have the resources they need in order to help better their lives.

It wasn’t until she was in high school that she received insight from mentors who helped her find the resources she needed to pursue her dreams.

“I only knew what my parents told me,” said Sherronia. “So, when my mentors began encouraging me with outside resources, I was inspired to do more.”

Sherronia had no idea there were scholarships to help students go to college. Her mentors helped her apply for scholarships to attend college to become a counselor. She applied to over 60 scholarships, receiving 16 awards including the Steve Smith scholarship which awarded her $54,000.

Sherronia now works at Highfields as a counselor for the Parent Education Program, and is a Facilitator and Para Professional for the Reaching Higher program.

“I knew Highfields was the place for me,” said Sherronia. “They take care of their employees and clients like they’re family, which is something I hold close to my heart.”

She also shares her gift of mentoring through her own business, Persevere to Success, LLC, a career development and education planning program which focuses on motivational speaking, life coaching, career development and educational planning. In addition, she started Sherronia’s Successful Scholarship Fund at Michigan State University as well as Blended Learning Academies, which she helps provide scholarships to students in high school and college.

Though her passion for helping people only adds to her work, it isn’t without its struggles. The biggest challenge she’s faced is being able to take a step back and let clients learn and grow. Each client becomes like family as she guides them through programs, helping them become confident in their future.

“The best part about Highfields is having the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself,” said Sherronia.

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