Remembering Judge Drake

Judge Drake

   Judge Robert Drake, passed away on August 19, 2015 at the age of 92. We acknowledge his life and legacy as the visionary leader and one of the founding fathers of Highfields.

   In 1962 Judge Drake wanted a community-level alternative to prison for the delinquent boys he saw in his court and Highfields was “born”.  

   More than 50 years later, our campus in Onondaga still serves those boys who the courts feel need time away from home to refocus.  In addition, we have added many programs and services designed to meet our children and families at their earliest point of need – not waiting for court involvement.  Today Highfields offers 17 programs and serves more than 6000 people every year in 11 counties in Michigan.  

   Judge Drake's vision and legacy continue to inspire the philosophy and values that guide Highfields work.  

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