Support Highfields While You Work!

Your business can make a difference! From walk-a-thons to bingo nights, corporate fundraisers are becoming more popular. Read how Courtney Scott of Dakkota Systems organized a flower sale to benefit Highfields.

   Ever since Courtney attended her first Highfields Breakfast, she has been passionate about the mission.

   “At the breakfast, I really had the chance to see everything Highfields offers in the community,” said Courtney. “I was blown away hearing the stories about parents and children who turned their lives around.”

   Courtney is the Accounting Manager at Dakkota Systems in Lansing, a third party manufacturer of automotive parts. She is a member of the Vision Committee, which plans unique fundraising events for employees each quarter.

   “Philanthropy is one of the biggest pushes our company has!” said Courtney. “We try to focus on local organizations that really help our community.”

   The committee chooses a different organization each quarter. Corporate matches the amount raised by employees.

   When Courtney had the opportunity to choose an organization, she recommended Highfields.

   “I felt like Highfields was a great organization for people to contribute to,” said Courtney. “The dollars go where they should.”

   The committee organized a flower sale for employees on Valentine’s Day and 100% of the proceeds were donated to Highfields. They raised over $1,900!

   “We ran out of flowers in an hour and a half!” said Courtney. “We were excited to present the money to Highfields to support their work with children and families.”

We would like to thank Dakkota Systems and everyone who contributed to the flower sale for the generous donation to Highfields.

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