Taking Initiative

Alex is a high school student, and a mentor for Highfields’ Reaching Higher program at Springport Middle School. He joined Reaching Higher when he was in 5th grade. Alex says that the program helped him come out of his shell. He wasn’t a very social person, but by the time 7th grade rolled around he was taking initiative and helping other students in the program.

The program is for 3rd through 8th graders, but once Alex got to high school, he wanted to become more involved. Alex became a mentor for Highfields’ Reaching Higher site coordinator Dan Bright. “Alex is the first mentor that I’ve ever had that wasn’t afraid to take charge and help the kids,” said Dan. “There’s a bit of a learning curve in terms of the separation, Alex was just in 8th grade two years ago, but the kids listen to him as if he’s been a mentor for years. He takes initiative very well.”

Alex said that he had mentors while he was in Reaching Higher, and it gives him joy to step in and continue to do something that he loves. “I love helping people, and I enjoy doing it in a place that I love,” said Alex. While he was a student in the Reaching Higher program, Alex discovered his love for technology, which is one of the enrichment classes that the program offers. “I enjoyed working with computers, Xbox, RC cars, and drones,” said Alex, “Reaching Higher helps students become better in the classroom and promotes a healthy social environment as well.”

Highfields is proud to have students like Alex step up and lead the younger generations. Reaching Higher is an out-of-school-time learning program that provides elementary and middle school students with a learning environment that reinforces academics and teaches social skills.


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