Things I Am Thankful For

 Bry'Kel shared his poem "Things I Am Thankful For" at Highfields' Thanksgiving Dinner. The lyrics and rhymes are inspired by his work in the music program. 

   I am thankful for the birds that fly and even the darkness that clouds the skies, for this darkness opens my eyes and the birds free my mind.

   I am also thankful for the teachers that always tried, even though they knew I always lied, and my mother who always cried and never lied.

   I am thankful for my brothers who always gave me good times, and my sisters who loved me through the times that I cried.

   I am thankful for my father who also knew I lied and taught me how to not be shy, but he sometimes hit me when I cried.

   I am thankful for the police that always found a way to get me off the streets when they were supposed to be working their beats.

   I am thankful for my home that keeps me warm through the winter nights.

   I am thankful for Highfields for giving me time to get my mind right, and helping my mind shine bright.

   I am thankful for the soldiers who stood tall and fell like a ball.

   I am thankful for legs that allow me to ball, and my arms that protect me when I fall.

   I am thankful for Mrs. Earl who rocks the world and Mrs. Weidner even though she gets mad when we set timers.

   I am thankful for all the staff who gave me a laugh.

   I am thankful for the trees that allow me to breathe and a fresh ocean spring.

   I am thankful for being alive and being able to dig and dive; and my brain that allows me to feel pain and play video games.

   I am thankful for my tears that come from my eyes.

   Thank you for reading my poem even though I’m not the best rhymer.

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