Why is Jacob smiling?

Jacob likes technology, strategy games and science fiction, but he spends a lot of time alone, and has trouble making friends. When you give to Highfields, you help students like Jacob find a place to fit in.

   Jacob is an introvert. He’s shy and likes to keep to himself by reading quietly or writing in his notebook. Although he does well in school, it is difficult for him to socialize with his peers.

   “I had trouble fitting in at school,” Jacob admitted. “I didn’t know how to communicate with my classmates.”

   He decided to join Highfields’ after-school program, Reaching Higher, because he wanted to make new friends and have help with his homework.

   Reaching Higher provides students with a learning environment to reinforce academics, and also teaches them life skills like peer relations, leadership, management and positive self-esteem.

   Once Jacob started attending Reaching Higher, he began to open up more. He participated in enrichment activities, like 3D-printing and role playing games, which helped him “break the ice” with his peers.

   “I realized that a lot of my classmates have the same interests as me,” said Jacob. “I was surprised to see how differently they act outside of school.”

   Jacob credits Reaching Higher for helping him improve his communication skills and make new friends. He even wants to mentor Reaching Higher students after he completes the program so he can help kids who face similar challenges.

   “I used to spend time by myself and get my work done, but now I make the effort to socialize more and I’m a lot happier,” he said.

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