A Calming Break

Students in Highfields’ Residential Treatment Program are provided incredible opportunities thanks to donors and community members. Most recently, the students have been enjoying a new Fine Art Therapy Program taught by Residential Counselor, and Artist, Clinton Smith.

“It has been my privilege to have started the Fine Art Therapy Program at Highfields,” said Clinton. “The youth we serve are some of the most vulnerable and underserved populations in our community. Through the power of art, they have been able to express themselves in ways they never thought possible.”

The Fine Art Therapy Program was made possible through the James and Kimberly Currie Foundation. It allows Highfields’ students to utilize their creativity, learn about art history, and discover new career paths.

“The art therapy classes are a lot of fun,” said student, Andrew. “I’ve always enjoyed art and I draw a lot in my free time.”

Classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays on campus and have focused on projects using mediums such as drawing, painting, and sculpting.

“It’s helpful for me to have a few hours to calm down and be creative,” said Andrew. “Mr. Smith is a great teacher who helps us with different techniques, like blending.”

Clinton hopes to see the program become a routine part of a student’s day at Highfields. 

“I am confident this program will continue to grow and make a constructive difference in the lives of the young people we serve,” said Clinton. “The future of the program looks very bright. We have already seen such positive results from the program, and we are only just getting started. I am confident we will continue to have an impact on the lives of youth through the Fine Art Therapy Program.”


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