Family and Stability

On October 6th, Highfields staff, board members, and donors gathered at the Kellogg Center for our Strengthening Families Breakfast. Throughout the program we had several speakers, including two sets of client speakers. Rachel and Jocelynn, a mother and daughter, spoke about their relationship and what they had to do to become closer. Michelle and Sam, also mother and daughter, spoke on their experience in the Highfields MST program from years ago. 

Eight years ago, Michelle and Sam spoke at the Strengthening Families Breakfast and were kind enough to return this year. Michelle was an overwhelmed mother, and her daughter Sam was troubled and self-destructive. “When Highfields came into my life, I felt like I had a voice and that there was a community out there that truly wanted to help. I didn’t feel like I was fighting a battle alone anymore,” said Sam. Today, Sam is a mother to her daughter, Sky, and is passing on the skills she learned at Highfields to create a healthy family.

Jocelynn and Rachel had a different situation. Jocelynn had been sexually assaulted at a young age. Her mother Rachel was concerned with Jocelynn’s change in behavior, and later on, discovered that Jocelynn was suicidal. Rachel and Jocelynn eventually found Highfields, and their Home-Based Counselor Lizette, would come over twice a week for counseling. Rachel was able to see the progress within months. “Today my daughter has the biggest personality, she’s goofy, fun to be around, and loves hanging out or doing normal teenage things.  She isn’t constantly looking over her shoulders, or worried to go out and have fun,” said Rachel. 

We are grateful to Michelle, Sam, Jocelynn, and Rachel for sharing their inspirational stories and helping ensure our work with children and families continues.

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