Herbie Moves On

   After six months of hard work, 16-year-old Herbie finally graduated from Highfields’ Residential Program in June.

   “I thought it was too good to be true,” said Herbie. “I felt really happy and accomplished. It was a long time coming.”

   Herbie is far from the kid he used to be – stealing cars, violating probation, and running away from home. He’s made big changes in his life that he credits to Highfields’ program and staff.

   When he was at Highfields he participated in group sessions like Anger and Control, Substance Abuse, and Mutual Support. The sessions helped him work through his problems and change his mindset.

   “The staff helped me realize why I was angry and were very hands-on with helping me de-escalate and relieve stress,” said Herbie.

   He also took advantage of opportunities to work on campus and play on the basketball team.  Putting his effort into positive activities helped him stay out of trouble.

   Since Herbie returned home he hasn’t violated his probation or gotten into any trouble at home. He recently got a job at Steak and Shake and can’t wait to start earning money. He starts drivers training in the fall and is saving up money for a car.

   His father, Herbie Brewer Sr., couldn’t be more proud of his son.

   “I can definitely see a change in Herbie since he came home,” he said. “He’s more motivated to help out around the house and he’s been staying out of trouble…I think he’s going to be okay.”

   Herbie agrees, “Highfields gave me a wakeup call. I realized I don’t want to be locked up my whole life. I want the freedom to do whatever I want to do.”


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