The Sky’s the Limit for Kamren

   Thirteen-year-old Kamren was struggling when she joined Highfields’ after school program, Reaching Higher. She was in 6th grade at Springport Middle School and her grades were bad, she didn’t have a lot of friends, and she didn’t care about her future. Thankfully, her teacher Dan Bright encouraged her to join the after-school program. It changed her life.

   Reaching Higher helps at-risk students live up to their potential by strengthening their academic and social skills. Facilitators offer homework help and lead exciting “enrichment” activities to inspire students.

   Kamren’s teachers explained that improving her grades would help her get into college and get a good job. She took advantage of the extra homework help and was able to improve her grades.

   “In fifth grade I had a bunch of F’s and a few C’s,” said Kamren. “Then in sixth grade and seventh grade I had all A’s! I don’t think I would have improved as much as I did without Reaching Higher.”

   Kamren’s social skills have improved as well. She’s involved in the student council, yearbook, choir, and basketball. She also made good friends that she met through the program.  

   “Reaching Higher definitely helped me overcome my challenges,” said Kamren. “I’m not as shy I as I used to be and my grades have improved so much! I’m on the Honor Roll and a member of the National Junior Honor Society.”

   Thanks to Reaching Higher, Kamren was able to turn her life in a new direction and make the right steps toward her future!

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