“I Felt So Blessed”

With everything else going on, bed bugs were more than they could handle.

   Matt’s three children have experienced trauma in their past. His 7-year-old daughter, Cailynn, is affected the most. She has severe behavior issues, lashes out, and runs away from her classroom. Her teacher recommended therapy for Cailynn, and Matt and his fiancée, Michelle, agreed that it was the right decision.

   “Cailynn needs more extensive help,” said Michelle. “We were all for it.”

   Cailynn was referred to Highfields’ Home-Based Therapy program, and met with Highfields’ Counselor, Brittany Bragg, once a week.

   Although Brittany focuses primarily on Cailynn, she understands that all of the children have experienced trauma, and are trying to cope. When she found out that Matt and Michelle couldn’t afford new, clean clothes for their kids after ridding the house of bed bugs, she wanted to help.

   Generous Highfields’ donors made it possible for Michelle to buy clothes for all three children.

   “I was so happy when I found out,” said Michelle. “I felt so blessed.”

   Without bed bugs to worry about, Cailynn could focus on therapy with Brittany. Brittany helped her open up about her emotions, and learn how to deal with her anger. They came up with a plan to follow when Cailynn starts to feel angry and posted it in her bedroom.

   "It’s made a huge difference,” said Michelle. “Now when Cailynn feels angry, she stops and follows the plan and it helps her calm down.”

    Thanks to support from Brittany and Highfields’ donors, Matt and Michelle can focus on providing a healthy and happy life for their children.

   “I feel like we’re finally going in the right direction," she said.

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