“You Help Immensely”

Thanks to your support, Kaylee is prepared for a new chapter.

   Crystal and Calvin’s 9-year-old daughter, Kaylee, was being bullied at school.

   “It’s something that she’s struggled with for a few years,” said Crystal.

   It was important to find a safer environment for Kaylee.  She is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has mental health challenges, including ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, PTSD, and severe anxiety.

   Because of Kaylee’s disabilities, their family is involved in Highfields’ Wraparound Program and Autism Case Management Program. They work with Highfields’ counselors to find resources for Kaylee.  Together, they were able to help her transfer to a new school!

   “Starting a new school opens so many doors for Kaylee,” said Crystal.

   Calvin agrees, “It’s a fresh start and we are hopeful that it will be a good change for her.”

   With a new school come new expenses that are not covered within Highfields’ contracts.

   Kaylee needed new school clothes that Crystal and Calvin could not afford. Thanks to the support of generous donors, they were able to purchase clothes for Kaylee including shirts, a sweater, shoes, a skirt, tights and a dress.

   “The clothes give her confidence,” said Crystal. “It helps relieve the stress of starting a new school.”

   In addition, Kaylee received a weighted blanket to help her with her Autism and anxiety disorders.

   “The blanket is amazing,” said Crystal. “The pressure of the blanket calms her right down.”

   Crystal and Calvin are grateful for the donors who made it possible to purchase the special items that are helping Kaylee make progress.

   “You help immensely,” said Calvin. “I don’t know where Kaylee would be without Highfields.”

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