The Right Mindset

Physical activity promotes positive mental health, and can improve concentration, memory, and classroom behavior among teenagers. We encourage our students to exercise at Highfields through sports, recreation time, now our new fitness program, CrosSeal.

   We’re always looking for unique ways to personalize our students’ treatment plans to fit their needs.

   When Highfields President/CEO, Brian Philson, heard about CrosSeal, a fitness program based on a series of sequences similar to boot camp workouts, he thought the students would benefit from the program in multiple ways.

    “Aside from the obvious physical benefits, I thought it would be great for our students to have more knowledge and education on self-care,” said Brian.

   CrosSeal was created 10 years ago by Steven Garrison, a fitness trainer from Brooklyn, Michigan. He had the idea to develop a class that balanced spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental components.

   “It goes beyond fitness,” said Steven. “My goal is to help people strive for excellence and carry that over into their daily lives.”

   Steven is currently leading a 10 week program for Highfields’ students after school.  The exercises are done in sequences for 30 minutes, with 30 seconds between each round. The intense workouts help students develop discipline, determination, and mental-toughness.

   Student Eric* had never done anything like CrosSeal before.

   “It’s tough, but I enjoy it,” said Eric. “It makes me feel like I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.”

   Steven says it’s gratifying to watch the students push themselves further in each work out. He understands that the students are facing multiple problems in their lives, and hopes that CrosSeal will encourage them to stay resilient.

   “I believe that this program will help students learn new ways to focus on solutions,” he said.

*Name has been changed

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