Success Stories

One Week’s Notice

     Like many toddlers, Peyton liked to test his boundaries. He made a habit of running away from his mother, Bethany, at all the wrong times – like when they were in public places.    One afternoon, as Peyton tried to dash away from his mother, she reached out and grabbed him by the

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Teaching Values Through Basketball

   For many teenagers, sports like basketball or football are a big deal. They play on their school or community teams, dedicate themselves to practice and some of their biggest goals might be to set a personal record or to go with their team to a championship. But to others, sports play a much bigger

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Having the Strength to Overcome and Addiction

    A year ago, Lauren* and her family were struggling. She was battling a drug addiction. Her two young daughters had bedbugs in their room. She and her husband didn't budget, didn't clean and didn't know where to turn. And things were about to get worse.     Just before Thanksgiving, a neighbor reported

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