Financial Reports:
401K Audit Report for CY 2017
401K Audit Report for CY 2016

990 Tax Report (FY 2017)
990 Tax Report (FY 2016)
990-Tax Report (FY 2015)
Audit Report FY 2017-2018
Audit Report FY 2016-2017
Audit Report FY 2015-2016
Audit Government Letter – 2014

Annual Reports:
Annual Report – 2018
Annual Report – 2017
Annual Report – 2016
Annual Report – 2015
Annual Report – 2014
Annual Report – 2013
Annual Report – 2012 (50th Anniversary Edition)

Other Reports:
2017 CQI Report
2016 CQI Report

2015 CQI Report
2014 CQI Report
2017 PREA Report
PREA Survey Data Points 2017
2016 PREA Report
2015 PREA Report
Highfields Technology Plan 2015
Five Year Strategic Plan

Tax Identification Number and Certification

Clients Served in 2017:
Number of Reaching Higher, Ingham Academy and Evening Reporting youth served: 680
Number of Residential youth served in the program: 71
Number of Residential children and adults served (parents and siblings served outside the program): 168
Number of youth in Breakthrough served: 1,100
Number of adults in Breakthrough served: 480
Number of children in Community Services served: 2,998
Number of adults in Community Services served: 2,130
Number of families in Community Services served: 1,205
Total number of individuals served: 7,627

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