Financial Reports:
401K Audit Report for CY 2015
990-Tax Report (FY 2016)
990-Tax Report (FY 2015)
Audit Report – 2016
Audit Report – 2015
Audit Report – 2014
Audit Government Letter – 2014

Annual Reports:
Annual Report – 2016
Annual Report – 2015
Annual Report – 2014
Annual Report – 2013
Annual Report – 2012 (50th Anniversary Edition)

Other Reports:
2015 PREA Report
2015 CQI Report
2014 CQI Report
Highfields Technology Plan 2015
Five Year Plan

Tax Identification Number and Certification

Clients Served in 2016:
Number of Reaching Higher, Ingham Academy and Evening Reporting youth served: 660
Number of Residential youth served in the program: 94
Number of Residential children and adults served (parents and siblings served outside the program): 171
Number of youth in Breakthrough served: 575
Number of adults in Breakthrough served: 239
Number of children in Community Services served: 3,839
Number of adults in Community Services served: 2,711
Number of families in Community Services served: 1,168
Total number of individuals served: 8,289

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